8700 Automotive Brake Drum Disc Lathe Disc Aligner Grinding machine


Automotive Disc Aligner is the best on-the-car barke disc lathe.VN-8700 Disc Aligner is solving the problem of your brakes. On-the-car barke disc lathe fits majority of all cars and approved by all large automobile manufactorues and service chains.

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Newest Automotive Disc Aligner On The Car Brake Disc lathe VN-8700

What Leads to Brake Juddering?

1.Botor run-out is often caused by debris being caught between the new rotor and the old wheel hub, or by improperly torqued the wheels,which can bend the hub, rotor and wheel. There is always a chance that excessive heat built up from heavy braking without sufficent time for the system components down.

2.Rotor run out can be measure by using a dial indicator , typically it should not exceed 1.01cm. Rotor thickness variation is a condition that the two sides of the rotor not being parallel to each other. This can be caused by uneven wear, crushing of rotors by the brake, or simply developed over time from a combination of forces. This problem is normally felt in the brake pedal by its pushing back with a rhythm consistent with the current wheel speed.

Advantage of on-the-car Brake disc lathe

1. Easy install-Fast and easy operation, save time and money
2. Accuracy- Rigid mounting and precision tool holders eliminate flexing for maximum accuracy.
3. Quality & Speak- Provides a consistently superior on-the-car finish
4. Lateral Runout Eliminated- Simultaneously maching both sides of the rotor parallelly, eliminates all run out problems.
5. Convenience-Fully adjustable stand, storage drawer, emergency stop switch, heavy-duty locking caster.
6. Compatibility- Fits majority of all cars and approved by all large automobile manufactures and serving chains.

Approved by 99% of famous auto car brands in the world

For-M ercdes, for B M W, for Lex us, for Toyo ta, for-N issan, for Mitsu bishi, for H on da, for-Volvo, for-L and rover, for-Maz da, for-Daihatsu, for-F or d, for-Hy un dai, for-Chry sler, for-Buick, for-Daewoo, for-Sub aru, for-BYD, for-Ren ault, for-V W/ for-AUDI,etc.

Package Including

1pc x Brake disc aligner
Gross Weight:70kg/set
Package Size:93*52*32cm;34*33*28cm
Outter Pack:Carton

Weight70 kg

110V, 220V


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8700 Automotive Brake Drum Disc Lathe Disc Aligner Grinding machine
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