JINGTIAN UP-848P Ultra Programmer eMMC NAND SPINAN Programming Tool


UP-848P Ultra Programmer Support eMMC, NAND, SPINAND, SPINOR and other mainstream IC programming. The latest generation of products, ultra-fast programming speed and verification speed.

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JINGTIAN UP-848P Ultra Programmer

UP-848P features:

Support eMMC, NAND, SPINAND, SPINOR and other mainstream IC programming.
Support various devices to customize special programming algorithms to meet customers’ various algorithm programming requirements.
Industrial standard shape design, small size, saving working space.
Support one computer to connect 8 burning hosts for asynchronous burning.
Supports master copy mode and high-speed programming mode, providing excellent mass production performance and quality.
Support to check the detailed information of IC, which is conducive to the development and use of solutions.
Supports automatic identification and saving of master chip information, which is convenient for next programming.
Various programming options are supported, and ICs that do not meet the requirements can be screened out.
Support voltage detection, voltage fine-tuning, current detection and over-current protection, etc.
The programming power supply is stable, and the accuracy of the output power supply voltage can reach 0.01V.
Before the burning operation, a pop-up window prompts the algorithm option to prevent burning errors.
The programming speed is close to the theoretical peak of IC: programming can reach 70MB/s, and verification can reach 80MB/s.

Strong Data Security Guarantee:

It adopts reliable engineering encryption technology and innovatively adopts a one-time engineering password mechanism to ensure the security of engineering documents during transmission and use, and can control output at the same time, effectively guaranteeing the security of engineering data.

High Compatibility, Durable BGA Adapter:

The matching patented product BGA adapter has an average service life of more than 20,000 times, and its ease of use and lifespan far exceed that of imported adapters.

Hardware Specifications:

Communication interface: USB2.0 (compatible with USB1.0/1.1)
System requirements: WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 and other operating systems;
Power specification: Input AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ; Output DC 15V–2.0A;

Standard configuration:

1* Host
1* power supply
1* USB2.0 cable
1* warranty card
Optional: Adapter

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JINGTIAN UP-848P Ultra Programmer eMMC NAND SPINAN Programming Tool
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