Shuofei SP328/SP328P High-speed SPI NOR NAND FLASH Programmer


SP328/SP328P is a SPI FLASH dedicated high-speed mass-production programmer newly launched by Shuofei Technology, which fully supports the high-speed mass-production programming of SPI NOR/NAND FLASH, I2C/MicroWire and other EEPROMs of various domestic and foreign manufacturers.

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Adopt high-speed MCU+FPGA architecture, built-in hardware drive engine and IO dynamic allocation technology, support QUAD (four-channel) mode of SPI FLASH, USB2.0 high-speed (480Mbps) communication interface, use built-in memory instead of conventional external SD/CF card Save the burning project files…, multiple innovations and leading technologies effectively ensure the efficiency and stability of mass production.

Option1: SP328

Option2: SP328P +20USD

It only takes 103s (erase + program + verify) to burn a GD5F1GQ4UB (1Gb SPI NAND), which is far ahead of similar products. Among them, SP328/SP328P programmers are equipped with Shuofei’s first programming machine control interface (ATE), which widely supports automatic programming machines from various manufacturers. The offline burning project file can be loaded from a computer or a U disk, which is convenient and flexible to use and carry.

The main differences between the versions:

SP328 supports offline burning, with a display screen, a U disk interface, and an ATE interface to support automatic burning machines
SP328P supports offline burning, with display, U disk interface, ATE interface, support automatic burning machine, support offline burning serial number, support UID encryption function

Note: Please refer to the selection table at the bottom of this page for the specific differences between the above models. The following product features depend on the product model!


Equipped with LCD display and operation keyboard

SP328/SP328P is equipped with a 2.4-inch wide-view TFT color LCD screen, with a “cross” navigation keyboard, the display is clear and intuitive, and the operation is convenient and quick

Support offline programming (only SP328/SP328P have this function)

No need to connect to the computer, the built-in memory chip saves the project data for offline programming
Multiple CRC data verification to ensure that the burned data is absolutely accurate;
Offline storage memory: 2Gb (256MB) (Note: The offline memory part is used for system information storage, about 250MB is used for user burn data storage)
Compared with conventional writers that use SD/CF cards to save offline data, the built-in memory chip has the advantages of faster transmission speed and higher stability.
In some traditional master copy machines, the data is read from the master, because the correctness of the source data cannot be checked, it is easy to cause damage to the master data, or poor contact or interference on the socket during the reading process. The data source is wrong. As a result, all the programmed chips cannot work normally.
The first U disk interface support, the project data that is burned offline can be loaded from the computer or through the U disk, which is convenient for on-site application.

Support chip insertion start/key start/ATE control interface start

Chip insertion start:
The placement and removal of the intelligent detection chip can complete the whole process of chip programming without mouse clicks and button operations, which greatly improves the efficiency of manual programming.
Press the key to start:
Equipped with a separate start button, the chip will be programmed every time you press it
ATE control interface:
Shuofei’s first ATE control interface, which can provide accurate and reliable programming machine control signals (BUSY, OK, NG, START), widely supports automatic programming machines/manipulators of various manufacturers, stable and efficient


Device support: EEPROMOM such as I2C/MicroWire, SPI NOR FLASH, SPI NAND FLASH
Device voltage: 1.7-3.6V
Communication interface: USB2.0 high speed (480Mbps)
Offline mode: Support for offline operations
Power specifications: Input 150-240Vac, 50/60HZ; Output: DC5V/1.5A
Main unit size: 164*113*36 mm; Weight: 260g
Packing size: 185*165*76 mm; package gross weight: 550g

SP325/328/328P support device list:

SP32 series programmer software download:

Standard Configuration

Programmer host 1
Power adapter 1
USB cable 1
Warranty Card & Certificate
Note: The chip adapter is an optional accessory, please choose according to the chip package you actually burned.

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Shuofei SP328/SP328P High-speed SPI NOR NAND FLASH Programmer
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