TSOP socket collection for Sedum UP-828P UP-818P serial programmer

UP828 Programmer is very introduced for foreign customer. UP828P High Speed Programmer For smartphones, tablets, phones iNAND eMMC, it special for Collpad phone 8297/Y90/T2/8675 eMMC programmer, for Samsung 9100/9300/9500/NO4 eMMC programmer, UP-828P for Automotive navigation ic Auto audio iNAND eMMC

Today, we will list some of similar adapter of TSOP socket. it can work together with Sedum UP-828P UP-818P serial programmer, it will makes your worker more easier.

TSOP32P Socket is an specialized ic adapter for mobile device flash memory chip. UP818P UP828P SBGA128P Programmer Adapter work with up-818P up-828P High speed universal programmer.

TSOP socket collection for UP-828P UP-818P:

TSOP32P Adapter, TSOP48P Adapter, TSOP48AP Adapter, TSOP48BP Adapter, TSOP48CP Adapter, TSOP48DP Adapter, TSOP56P IC191-0562 Adapter, TSOP56AP IC191-0562 Adapter, TSSOP8P Adapter.


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