UP818P UP828P Series Adapters Socket

As we know, UP-818P UP-828P Series programmer is High Speed Universal Programmer for flash memory developer. If your work needs
IC’s for FLASH, NAND FLASH, SERIAL FLASH, MoviNAND, iNAND, eMMC etc. UP-818P UP-828P Programmer is the best choice. Here we list some of UP818P UP828P Series Adapters Socket. hope it can help you

UP-818P/ UP-828P Software download:


If you need the UP818P UP828P Series Adapters for UP-828P/UP-818P programmer, just send email to us or click “ask for price”. If you havn’t find the right Adapter for UP-828P / UP-818P, pls send the email to us, we will help you, Maybe there have many adapters that haven’t added to our website.

Universal UP Ultra Programmer adapter list For UP-818P/UP-828P/UP-828E/UP-eMMC programmer

For almost MOVINAND/iNAND/EMMC memory chip:

For iPhone 4/5/6 Flash memory: VBGA11P5P / VBGA134SP / LGA52P Test Socket

For Cool cell / Collpad phone: VBGA56P / VBGA221P Test Socket

For 8530 Samsung others phones: VBGA153P Test Socket

For Samsung 9100/9300/9500/NO4/mi..: VBGA169P Test Socket

For HTC / Mi / 8721 Phones: VBGA162P Test Socket

For other newer phones, smartphones and tablets, BlackBerrys: SBGA128P Test Socket, SBGA137NP Test Socket, SBGA152P Test Socket, SBGA188P / SBGA188AP / SBGA188BP Test socket, SBGA199P Test Socket, SBGA202P Test Socket, FBGA167 Test Socket.

For China brand phones or Automotive navigation ic, Auto audio and other smartphones and tablets device: TSOP48P Test Socket, TSOP56P Test Socket, BGA48P Test Socket, BGA63P Test Socket, BGA88P Test Socket, BGA107NP Test Socket, FBGA137P Test Socket, BGA149P Test Socket, EBGA64P Test Socket, SOIC8SP / SOIC8P Test Socket…



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