12V/24V Vehicle Battery Analyzer Automotive Power Tester with Printer


3.2″ TFT Car Diagnostic Tool Automotive Battery System Analyzer with Printer. Digital Battery Analyzer Support multi language.

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Available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Traditional Chinese ,Thai and Korean total of 12 kinds to choose from.

As the battery increases with time, it gradually ages. The main reason is that the battery surface is aging and no effective chemical reaction can be performed. This is the main reason why most batteries cannot be used continuously. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) officially adopted the conductivity test method as one of the testing standards for the detection of lead-acid batteries. It is clearly stated in IEEE Standard 1118-1996: “The measurement of battery conductance is an AC signal of known frequency and amplitude. It is applied to both ends of the battery, and then the AC current generated is measured. The AC conductance value is the ratio of the AC current signal to the AC voltage in phase with the AC voltage. “The change in the apparent conductance value means the change in battery performance.” The description in IEEE Standard 1118-1996 is the test principle and judgment basis of the battery analyzer. Practice has proved that the test results of the conductivity meter are consistent with the test results of discharging with 1/2 CCA value, which fully demonstrates the accuracy of the meter. Therefore, in recent years, the international industry has basically adopted the conductance method.


1. The test is accurate, fast, easy to operate, and intuitive to display.
2. Applicable to CCA, DIN, IEC, EN, JIS and unknown specifications battery test
3. Pass the low frequency signal test, no external large load discharge test, no damage to the battery
4. Test the battery in the car and test the discharged battery
5. The printing function is optional and does not need to be unmatched.
6. Built-in clock, once set, you can print out the license plate number.
7. Compatible with 12 and 24V batteries for direct measurement

Product Usage:

Can be used as a basis for judging whether the battery needs to be replaced
Can be used as an acceptance tool when receiving batteries
Can be used as a proof tool to explain the value and performance of different types of batteries to customers.
Can be used as a pre-shipment inspection tool for batteries, not sending damaged batteries, reducing claims and shipping costs
Can be used as an identification tool for battery claims to avoid disputes.

Technical parameter:

Working temperature -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C
Measurement accuracy ±0.5mΩ
Measuring frequency 100HZ
Voltage range 10V-30V
Cold start current range 100CCA-1700CCA
Battery standard CCA; IEC; EN; JIS; DIN; unknown specifications
Operating Language Chinese English Portuguese Spanish German Japanese French Turkish Russian Italian Thai Korean
Display 3.2 inch TFT color screen resolution 320*240
Print function Optional printing paper 58mm real time clock

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12V/24V Vehicle Battery Analyzer Automotive Power Tester with Printer
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