SP325 High speed Programmer for SPI NOR/NAND FLASH I2C MicroWire EEPROM


SP325 is the latest high-speed mass production programmer for SPI FLASH from Shenzhen Sofi Technology. It fully supports the high-speed programming of SPI NOR / NAND FLASH, I2C / MicroWire and other EEPROMs from domestic and foreign manufacturers

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SP325 High speed Programmer for SPI NOR/NAND FLASH I2C MicroWire EEPROM


Support chip insertion start / button start

Chip insertion startup:
The placement and removal of the intelligent detection chip can complete the entire process of chip programming without mouse clicks and button operations, which greatly improves the efficiency of manual programming.
Key start:
Equipped with a separate start button, it programming the chip every time it is pressed

Using a dedicated adapter module interface
Imported connectors and adapters are used to reduce data transmission paths, reduce interference, and effectively improve programming reliability and service life
The software intelligently matches the driving algorithm of the corresponding package according to the adapter module.

FLASH Smart Erase Technology
Automatically match the best erasure algorithm based on the data in the chip:
Chip completely empty: Skip erase operation automatically;
There is data in part of the chip: only the area with data is erased;
Conventional programmers can only use full-chip erase, which greatly reduces the efficiency of mass production programming.

Supports SPI FLASH in QUAD, DUAL, and standard SPI modes
DUAL: dual-channel mode, using two IOs for data transmission at the same time, the transmission rate is twice that of standard SPI
QUAD: Four-channel mode, using four IOs for data transmission at the same time, the transmission rate is 4 times that of standard SPI
At present, most programmers on the market (including the SP8 / SP16 series of SOFI) can only support the standard SPI mode.

Selectable clock frequency setting
SPI FLASH: 8/12/16/20/24MHz
SPI EEPROM: 250/500KHz, 1/2/4/6MHz
I2C: 50/100/200/400KHz

Full-featured programming control software

Support Chinese and English switching, compatible with multiple operating systems

Switch between Chinese and English arbitrarily through the software menu,
Support WinXP, VISTA, Win7 / Win8 / Win10 (32bit / 64bit)
Support software upgrade to add new devices
Continuous free upgrade service can guarantee the programmer’s lasting use value and best performance
Support project file management
The project file saves all programming parameters, including: chip model, data file, programming settings, etc. You can start the existing project to perform programming without any settings.
Support project file lock and read-only attribute
After the technician locks the project file, or it is a read-only project file (the file attributes are read-only or opened in read-only mode), the programming file cannot be modified, and can be handed over to the production line workers for peace of mind.
Support automatic serial number function (USB connection mode)
It can be used to generate the unique serial number, MAC address, Bluetooth ID, etc. of the product.
Support auto increment and file mode

Other functions

Short circuit / overcurrent protection

It can prevent the programmer from reversing and causing the programmer or the chip to burn out.
Chip pin contact check function
Detect the contact condition of the pins before programming. The programming will be performed when Full contact. Otherwise, a graphic will be given to indicate which pins have poor contact
Support UID reading function of some chips
SFDP content reading support for SPI FLASH
Add anti-copy and anti-piracy functions to products (chips)


Device support: I2C / MicroWire and other EEPROMOM, SPI NOR FLASH, SPI NAND FLASH
Device voltage: 1.7-3.6V
Communication interface: USB2.0 high speed (480Mbps)
Offline mode: offline operation is not supported
Power specifications: Input 150-240Vac, 50 / 60HZ; Output: DC5V / 1.5A
Host size: 164 * 113 * 36 mm; Weight: 225g
Package size: 185 * 165 * 76 mm; Gross weight: 515g

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SP325 High speed Programmer for SPI NOR/NAND FLASH I2C MicroWire EEPROM
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