Vgate vLinker BM Plus Bluetooth ELM327 BT3.0 Car Code Reader for iOS Android Windows

Vgate vLinker BM plus Scanner ELM327 BT3.0 Wireless OBD 2 wifi OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool ELM 327 Auto ODB2 For BMW Bimmercode

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Vgate Vlinker BM+ 100% ORIGINAL ADAPTER compatible with 95 % + world car models. Vgate vLinker BM Plus Bluetooth Support Almost All ELM327 / ELM329 / OBDLINK Adapter Software.

Purchase Notes:

1. Our products support BimmerCode/BimmerLink,We only sell adapters to be compatible with these software, but some of the functions of the software or the software itself are not free, you need to pay additional fees to the software company

2. If your mobile phone is IOS, when you use BT4.0 Ver., please connect to BT directly in the software, Don’t connect to BT in phone settings

Vgate vLinker BM+ Perfectly compatible with Bimmercode/Bimmerlink for BMM professional diagnosis/activation/adjustment scanner:

1. Read/Clear DTC
2. Engine RPM
3. Module Reset
4. Module Activation
5. Remote Control
6. Regeneration
7. Automatic sleep/start
8. Battery Tester

Vgate Vlinker BM+ 100% ORIGINAL ADAPTER compatible with 95 % + world car models

1. Professional ELM327 is perfectly compatible with Bimmer Code / Bimmer Link
2. Support Almost All ELM327 / ELM329 / OBDLINK Adapter Software
3. Support for BMW adjustment and programming
4. OBD2 Standard Protocols + More protocols
5. Fully automatic operation
6. Automatic sleep / start

Vgate vLinker BM+ is an adapter that is perfectly compatible with BimmerCode:

Vgate vLinker BM+ is an adapter that is perfectly compatible with BimmerLink:

Support Protocols-Multiple protocols:

15 ELM format protocols;
23 STN format protocols;
Up to 64 user-defined protocols.

OBDII 5 standard protocols:

ISO 9141-2
ISO 14230-4
ISO 15765-4 CAN

Additional protocols:

ISO 11898 (raw CAN)

Theseprotocolscover almost 99% of the OBDII Cars on the market

Rich instruction set, compatible with more APP software:

Fully compatible with ELM’s AT command set;
Fully compatible with STN’s ST command set;
39 VT macro commands, some instructions are equivalent to the effect of several AT and ST instructions, simplifying the communication steps.
Compatible with ELM and STN power management solutions.
Support for instructions, UART silence, battery low voltage, OBD bus silence, etc. Up to 5 ways to go to sleep;
Support UART active, battery voltage drop, OBD bus active, key, etc. Up to 5 ways to wake up from sleep mode.
Device sleep power consumption is less than 2 mA.
OBD request byte up to 48 bytes, can meet the needs of some special long framecommunication.
UART data buffer up to 2K bytes, baudrate increased to 230.4Kbps.
256-byte storage unit
More than 100,000 erasable times
Read and write operations on any unit in the storage area by using the VT command
Mix ID Sending” mode of CAN protocol.
Optional formatted send data according to protocol
Multiple WM sequence settings
Support AT command to manually set WM sequence
Support for specifying a protocol or a full protocol-wide temporary WM sequence
Support for a permanent link between a protocol and a private WM sequence
Secure bootloader for easy firmware updates

Package List:

1 x Vgate vLinker BT3.0
1 x User manual

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