Visual Positioning Automatic Focus Vision System Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laser Marking Machine suits for marking on all kinds of metal and partial of nonmetal. Fiber Marking Machine is more 3-5 times than the traditional marking machine.

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The laser marking vision positioning system is mainly solve the problems of difficult material supply, poor positioning and slow speed for batch laser marking of products. It is solved by using an external camera to shoot in real time and by grabbing the feature points of the marking object. After installation, the marking objects can be placed arbitrarily, and the linkage assembly line or XY platform and other automated mechanisms can realize unmanned operation, precise positioning and marking, greatly improve the marking efficiency, and effectively reduce human errors.

Suitable for auto parts, 3C digital, medical equipment, biomedicine, hardware tools, precision instruments, semiconductor components, clothing accessories, household appliances, craft gifts, and other industries.


1. Increase productivity

Vision system automatically batch processing, increase production capacity by 100%-300%

2. Improve yield

The vision system automatically recognizes the position of the workpiece and improves the production yield

3. Improve machining accuracy

One-click operation, the vision system automatically calculates the operating conditions, and there is no human operation error

4. Save on tooling costs

Workpieces can be placed flat in any direction without the need for fixtures

5. Reduce labor costs

The laser processing process does not require manual operation, and a single person can operate multiple systems

6. Optimize the detection process

The vision system automatically identifies the missing workpieces and performs shutdown alarm processing (optional)


Target tracking and positioning: support
Multi-target parallel tracking: support
Function Galvo Distortion Calibration: Support
Laser Focus Assist: Supported
Automatic fill light: support (500W pixel camera)

Support marking card type:support simplified card of large watch control card such as Golden Orange
Marking card signal interface: Marking starts, marking, marking completion 3 I/O general signal ports
Positioning accuracy :0.05-0.15mm
Positioning speed: 100ms
Field of view: 50*50mm/70*70mm/100*100mm/140*140mm/180*180mm/260*260mm/300*300mm

The working distance: depends on the field lens of different specifications
Camera data interface: USB/Gigabit Ethernet port
Software trigger: support
Dynamic/Static Positioning: Dynamic Positioning, Static Positioning
Power supply: 100-240V AC
Power consumption: less than 8W
Software: Visual Positioning Software


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