Free Download The Newly Software of UP-828P/UP818P Ultra programmer

UP828 Ultra programmer UP 828 universal programmer is 100% original from JingTian Electronics.UP828P programmer for FLASH, NAND FLASH, SERIAL FLASH is an essential machine for Repair workman. if you got UP-828P or UP818P Ultra programmer, even UP-828E EMMC Flash Memory Ultra Programmer, you can get the newest Software of them from here.

UP-828P Ultra fast universal programmer

UP828P programmer

UP-828P programmer is High Speed Universal Programmer for flash memory developer, UP-828P Ultra fast universal programmer will enables examiners the ability to acquire the data from a variety of flash memory, including: NOR FLASH / NAND FLASH / SERIAL FLASH / GB-NAND / OneNAND / MoviNAND / iNAND / eMMC / eMCP / SD memory card

UP-828P Ultra programmer Software download

UP-818P Universal Flash Ultra UP Programmer

UP818P Programmer

Support 48MHz read and write pulse, the highest support speed of read and write close to the limits of devices. Program + Verify one 1Gb NAND FLASH only in 34 seconds, program + Verify one 8Mb FLASH only in 4 seconds´╝Ť

UP-818P Flash Ultra UP Programmer Software download

UP-848E Super EMMC Programmer

UP848E Ultra programmer

provides a variety of burn mode choices: online mode, the mother-chip analog memory card mode, the master copy mode.

UP-848E Super EMMC Programmer Software download

UP-818E EMMC Flash Memory Ultra Programmer

UP-818E Ultra Programmer is high speed eMMC Flash Memory programmer (NOT INCLUDE ADAPTER), Support the full range of eMMC pin, UP-818E eMMC programmer support for eMMC chip burner programmer Specifically. UP-818E and UP-828E eMMC flash memory programmer can compatible with almost BGA adapter.

UP-818E EMMC Ultra Programmer Software download

UP-828E EMMC Flash Memory Ultra Programmer

Sedum UP-828E

UP-828E EMMC Programmer is Ultra Flash Memory programmer(Not include Adapter), Support the full range of eMMC pin, UP828E programmer is an specialized emmc programmer, support USER, BOOT, RPMB and GPP regional literacy

UP-828E Ultra Programmer Software download

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