HD 6.2MM Borescope Endoscope Car Inspection Camera for iPhone Android

Industrial Video Inspection Camera is a type of mobile phone borescope researched.6.2MM 360°Endoscope Camer for iPhone Android smartphone. which allows users to inspect narrow space and pipelines.

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QT360 Series Videoscope is a type of mobile phone borescope researched. The device has 360° accurate articulation with joystick control, and the maximum bending angle is 210°, which allows users to inspect narrow space and pipelines. With mega-pixel probe and one button to take photos and video design,it can transmit vivid, clear and all-round video and images to the mobile phone through the data cable and shown on the screen. Furthermore, it has a unique high-temperature alarm function to protect the probe. This product is widely applied in the auto aftermarket to inspect car evaporator boxes, combustion chambers, three-way catalysis, etc., as well as narrow pipelines where are difficult to enter and hidden spaces that are not easy to see by human eyes.

Industrial Video Inspection Camera Feature

1. Articulation bendable angle: 0° to 360° continuously adjustable and can be locked at any angle. Very easy operation: just push down the release button with the thumb to adjust the Rotate Wheel .

2. Focal Distance: 2cm – 40cm, fixed focus. Can be used on Android IOS .

3. Sensor: high-quality CMOS sensor. Resolution: 1280*720 pixels. Optical lens view angle: 100°. Power supply: 2600mAh (support to reverse charging for mobile phone)

4.One-handed articulation function allows user to turn the probe tip to inspect targets located at sides or at an angle while it is inside a tight space. Articulating 6 mm diameter probe with +/-100 degrees sweep, and 360-degree rotation offers a panoramic view of the area being inspected.

360 Degree Endoscope Camer Specification

Camera OD: 6.2mm Camera
Pixel: 5.0MP
Effective focal length: 3~10cm
LED : 6 Adjustable
Cable: 1m Soft cable
Working temperature: -10° to 50°C
Charging time: About 3 hours.
Working hours: About 4- 5 hours.

How to Used ?

Step1 : iPhone devices – Search for ” USEE” in the Appstore or scan the QR code to download and install APP

Android device – Scan the QR code to download and install APP

Step2 : Adjust the rotated knob of the phone holder, put your phone on the holder, and connect to your phone with connecting cable.

Step3: Press the power swich for 2 seconds to turn on. And open the App on your phone.


1. Prohibit joystick operation when the tube is bent, otherwise the articulation wires will be broken.
2. Probe articulation is controlled by joystick. Do not bend the probe by your hands.
3. Please do not keep the probe at the maximum bending angle 210° for long time(no more than 40 seconds). it may shorten the service life of the product.
4. Do not use the product to inspect human body or animal’s body.
5. Do not use or store the product in explosive, strong electromagnetic field, flammable gas places, otherwise it may cause fire or explosion; 6. Do not use the product to check objects with current carrying, so as to avoid the occurrence of electric shock. 7. Avoid to burn your hands,please do not directly touch the end of the probe, especially the product is working in a high temperature. 8. Do not watch the LED light source at the end of the lens straightly, avoiding the effect of strong light on the visual acuity. 9. After using, please clean the front probe of the product, keep the tube and probe straight. Do not directly pull the tube out from the inspected object to avoid the probe gets stuck in the object and protect the probe from damaging




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