User Guide of QN-H618 Host of Remote Controller Part 1

Before you want to buy an original H618 Remote Controller, first you may ask how to use this QN-h618 Remote Master. Today we will share QN-H618 Host of Remote Controller for you.

Name and position of each parts of QN-H618


1 Functional overview

QN-H618 Host of Remote Controller ( Remote Master). We develop this newest product for copy and data detect of kinds of RF wireless remote controller. Typical Users are locksmiths.Our host have main functions of data detect, data compare, copy, edit (regenerate) etc. In addition, RFRD can be copied. As the advance of technology and the accumulation of time,we will update the program of our host and the remote date which it suppose from time to time, And these programs and data can be upgraded on-line.To remind you,when using the host, every time when press a button, remote control , or wipe a card, there will be a beep sound. In order to save energy, when the host is power on, if there are not any operations after few seconds, the LED backlight will turn off automatically. For The screen backlight is the largest component of power consumption. The time of turn off depends on different operate status.Detail description of various functions will be list out following.

2 Term-explanation

For a unified description and intuitive understanding, now explain some terms involved in this document.

1. Interface

The contents appear on the screen refer to corresponding operation.

2. Function buttons

Refer to button “Return” “Copy” and “Edit”

3. Arrow button

Refers to the 4 diamond-shaped buttons mark with arrows. (Beside the Induction

4. Standby interface

Refers to when power on, the interface without any operations.

5. First Menu

Refers to the interface when press function buttons after power on .

6. Highlighting

Refer to a a piece of text which mark in a different color with other test. It appears
when choosing terms (in fist menu), or modify data (in edit interface)

7. Long press and short press

Long press: keeping press for some time before release
Short press: press one button then release immediately

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