You have to know 3 things before you buy WOYO PDR007

WOYO PDR007 Paintless Dent Repair Tool is designed specifically to be used with dents on flexible steel car bodies. It is very usefull auto body dent repair tool. Before you want to buy WOYO PDR007, you have to know these thing as follows:

WOYO PDR007 Operational Skills

The diagrams below illustrate the types of dents that can be removed. Dents like the kind caused by impact from hailstones, which leave smooth, rounded dents, can be removed. (More active materials may call for different devices, like pull hooks or suction cups. Consult with training personnel for specifics)

Unsuitable range of use

Sharp dents
Body areas that have been damaged and reconstructed
Crumpled/creased areas or dents along creased metal
Aluminum bodies

Using the device

1. Connect the “220V Power Cable” to the device’s “Power Input Socket”, and plug the other end of the cable into a 220V power socket. Flip the “ON/OFF Switch” to ON, which will turn on a red light.The “Work Status Display” will also turn on. This is the normal status of the device.

2. Once it turns on, the “Work Status Display” will display the WOYO logo, and will then display a loading message for about 10 seconds. This screen will display the work status of the device. The device itself will release an intermittent “beeping” sound. This is the normal status of the device.(Note: If the device continually displays a loading message, power it down, wait 5 minutes, then power it on again. If it still displays a loading message, contact one of our distributors! )

3. The “Time/effect Dial” lets you select a run time between 0.5 seconds and 4 seconds, and the device runs at capacity regardless of the length of time selected. Press the “Work” button once to set run time.

4. The “Time/effect Dial” intensity can be set between 20% and 100%. This is the strength that the device runs at. Press the “Work” button to activate the device. Let go of it and the device will stop.

5. Connect the “Extension Cable” to the device’s Quick Connect head and the Restoration Head’s Quick Connection head, and the device is ready to use.

6. After work is complete, set the “Time/effect Dial” to “OFF”, and after 5-10 minutes, set the “ON/OFF Switch” to “OFF” as well. Give the device time to cool down, and then remove the “220V Power Cable”. Every time you use the device, repeat the steps above for a safe and effective experience.

Dent repair method by WOYO PDR-007

Car body dent diagram

First, according to the size of the dent and the color of the paint, set the work time and intensity of the Paint Damage-Free Dent Restorer. Typical use would see the “Time/effect Dial” set to 0.5-1 second(s). Grip the restoration head and press the “Work” button, and begin moving around the dented area. First trace around “area 1”, moving in to “area 4” as you add heat. Wait for cool down. Then, begin at “area 2” and move towards “area 4” as you add heat. Wait for cool down.

Then, begin at “area 3” and move towards “area 4” as you add heat. Wait for cool down. Finally, continually add heat in “area 4”, then wait for cool down. The repair process should be complete.(Some areas might require repeated applications of heat or repetitions of the above processes)

During the repair process, the operator MUST take note not to work in one area for more than 1 second. It is recommended that an operator applies compressed air or a wet rag to work areas to prevent overheating. During the restoration process, great amounts of heat will be created,causing the metal of the car to soften. Do not apply downwards pressure while restoring, or the dent will just become larger. During the restoration process, the operator MUST be mindful of the surface temperature of the car. If the heat gets too high, it will ignite the paint on the car’s surface,causing greater damage. We suggest the operator first practices on the piston cap of an unused engine or an abandoned car, this way the operator will learn the functions of the device as well as the dangers associated with its use. Proper use of equipment is the responsibility of any service provider!

How to Use WOYO PDR007 Paintless Dent Repair Tool

How to Use WOYO PDR-007?

There are two operational models for PDR007 to adapt to different requirement:

1.Time Mode:

7 options of time setting from 0.5s to 4s at 100% power.

Evaluating the area of the dents, adjusting the appropriate time, and realizing quick repair.

2. Power Mode:

5 options of power setting from 20% to 100% power. Evaluating the color of paint, adjusting the appropriate power from down to up, and realizing quick repair.

Connect the connecting line to the repair head and mainframe.

Connect the power cable from power supply plug to mainframe.

Connecting power supply can start to operate, and don’t need any extra materials.

The biggest highlight of PDR-007: the repair handle only click a few times from dents around to the center and can be easily repaired.

To avoid the inefficient process of disassembly, sheet metal, painting from traditional tools.Using repair pen can perfect the dent repair work.

Sometimes repeat the dent repair operation for more times can also perfect the dent.

Compared with before and after, the perfect result is showing for you.


To avoid worsening the dent, please don’t press hard when you operating.

Don’t start operation from the center of dent.

Don’t operate in a slide way.

Don’t work on a same dent for too long time.

While in use,don’t touch the dent to avoid burns.

Ensure that there isn’t an air gap between repair head and auto body during your operating

WOYO PDR007 Paintless Dent Repair FAQ

How to work? ( What is the theory?)

Unlike traditional PDR, the WOYO PDR adopts magnetic induction heating and releases the dents tension, then adsorbs the depression parts, and finally recovers to original state.

What are the differences between WOYO PDR and traditional dent remove tool?

Free disassembly

Traditional repair tools use hook, reach into the interior of sheet metal, and then pull the dent parts. Disassembling auto doors or windows may be necessary.

But, WOYO PDR can work directly on the dent parts.

Efficiency increased significantly

WOYO PDR may take 30s-3m.

the traditional repair tool takes at least 30 minutes. Besides the spray shall take 24 hours

Exquisite workmanship

the dent part is smooth after WOYO PDR. the traditional repair tools may leave some small bumps.

What kind of dentcan be repaired

Adaptive Range

The equipment is for smooth dent such as the following graphs

Non Adaptive Range

the following dead angle dent

aluminum body does not apply

What part of auto body can be repaired?

Hood, door, roof

How about market prospectsof WOYO PDR

Big data has shown in two years: Auto beauty shops wash 30 cars per day, and guide 10 cars consumption, making a deal.

Customer price 150 yuan x200 days = annual profit 30,000 yuan

Are you a direct manufacturer or trading company?

We are a direct manufacturer, we have our own machine and work plant. We can produce products according to your requirements. Welcome to our factory for visiting.

What is your MOQ?

We do not have serious qty requirments, one pcs is ok.

Can I have a sample order?

Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are accepted.

What about warranty ?

12 months Manufacturer`s limited Warranty for defective items (excluding items damaged and/or misused after receipt).

Maintenance process:

Mail to send our faulty machine video.

Can we determine if we can solve the problem remotely?

If we can not solve the remote, we will provide the address, the buyer mailed back to the failure machine, we received the fault machine, issued within 48 hours of the machine.

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