Some similar VBGA Package socket for Sedum UP-828 UP-818

As we know, 4 kinds of Sedum High speed universal flash memory programmer: UP818P Ultra Programmer, UP828P High speed programmer, UP-828E Ultra Programmer, UP-eMMC programmer is very famous in foreign markets. VBGA Package socket is special for UP series Products. Today we will introduce Some similar VBGA Package socket.

VBGA11P5P socket, VBGA40P socket, VBGA56P socket, VBGA133P socket, VBGA134P socket, VBGA134SP socket, VBGA318P socket, VBGA153P socket, VBGA169E socket, VBGA162P socket, VBGA186 socket, VBGA64 Socket.

VBGA64P Socket Adapter For UP828P UP-828P

Application flash memory:

BlackBerry Devices, Android phones, Iphone 4S 5 5C 5S 6 plus iphone 6, some newer smartphones and tablets, almost MOVINAND/iNAND/NAND/EMMC flash momey chip.

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